Opt-in Opt-out (India Transaction Route)

Using this service you can send SMS alerts to your customers like “Buy Mcx gold CMP 28000 TRG 28500 SL 27500”. To use this service, your customers need to send START XXXXXX(Your SenderID) to 9222XXXXXX(Number allocated for your account). Once the message is sent he/she will be opted-in to receive messages from your sender-id and the same you can see under Opt-in/Opt-out Info Tab in your account, once your account gets updated to Opt-in Opt-out account. In case you have all the required evidence to proof that the number is your registered user then we can do force optin from our end. In this option the user will receive a SMS saying he is successfully registered to receive messages from your sender ID if he wish to stop receiving then send STOP your sender ID to 9222XXXXXX. Once your clients are opted-in then you can start sending messages to them.


  • Instant Delivery
  • Send SMS to DND & Non DND Numbers
  • Your own Sender ID (6 Alpha characters)
  • Delivery Report within seconds
  • Start Date and End Date feature for individual contact
  • Easy to use Interface/ Web Panel
  • Secured HTTPS SMS API to integrate in your application
  • SMS API Supports PHP, JAVA, .net, C++, C#, Phython, javascript etc.
  • One click Live Support
  • All in one panel (Promotion SMS/ Transaction SMS/ International SMS)
  • Useful for Share brokers, Advisory firms, Commodity tips provider, Tutors, Communities, Housing Socities, Institutes, Colleges, Tuition Classes, Trust and Foundations, Small Groups, Company's internal communications and so on.

Operative demo account


Once your account is setup you will be informed via email with Steps to Opt-in the numbers. That’s it, now your Opt-in Opt-out account is ready for the test with your own Sender-id & Test credits. Once you like the service after testing, you can go ahead and buy online, credits will be added to your account instantly.